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The Volunteer Hub is run by us, a registered charity which exists to provide advice, training, and support to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector of Wigan Borough.

The Volunteer Hub supports the increasing number of people engaged in volunteering by referring potential volunteers to opportunities within the local voluntary, community and faith sector through a variety of methods including one-to-one interviews, newsletters, email updates and an online registration process via the website.

The Hub works with individuals and organisations in Wigan Borough to promote, deliver and develop high quality volunteer opportunities.


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To have access to all of the incredible Advice, Training and Support offered by experienced professionals in the community.


Offering support, opportunities, and development to all volunteers within Wigan Borough

The Volunteer Pledge


WE WILL … offer high quality volunteering opportunities so YOU CAN make the most of your volunteering opportunity.



WE WILL … ensure you are valued and treated with respect throughout your time volunteering so YOU CAN show commitment and respect to your volunteer organisation.



WE WILL … recognise your contribution and ensure you are not disadvantaged by volunteering so YOU CAN be clear on your expectations and feedback your experience.



WE WILL … outline your skills and explore opportunities for development and support you to find the right role so YOU CAN promote the benefits of volunteering and work with WBCP.

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