Date Listed : 4/9/2020

Specific Skills Required : All volunteers will need to provide references to show they’re suitable to work with young people and will need to undergo DBS checks. You don’t need any formal qualifications to volunteer, but you should be prepared to take part in training.

Benefits to you : Wigan Council offer high quality volunteer opportunities. Ensure you are valued and treated with respect throughout your time volunteering. Provide ongoing advice, training and support for you and your Volunteer Manager. Recognise your contribution. Outline your skills and explore opportunities for development

Days / Dates / Times Required : Ongoing

Area of opportunity : Wigan Borough


We’re looking to recruit volunteers from the community to sit on Youth Offender Panels.

These panels give the community a say in creating a plan of action to ensure young offenders put right the harm they’ve done and are given help to prevent further offending. By volunteering as a Panel member, you can help:- Ensure young offenders take responsibility for their behaviour. Repair harm to the victim. Reintegrate young people back into the community. Reduce crime in your area and make communities safer. What does the role involve? – A young person will attend a panel meeting if they have been given a referral order by court. Referral orders are the main sentence given to the majority of 10-17 year olds who plead guilty on a first-time conviction. Panel members meet with the young person, parents or guardians and sometimes the victim, to talk about the reasons for the offending behaviour and agree a contract aimed at repairing harm done to the victim or community. Panel meetings can take place throughout the borough. Full training and regular support / supervision is provided.


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