Tech Mates

Date Listed : 09/10/2020

Specific Skills Required : You don’t need to be an IT or digital expert. Anyone who can make a commitment, large or small, to help people get online can become a TechMate. We’re looking for people who have:
– Good, basic computer or mobile device skills.
– Confidence in using the internet, email and everyday apps.
– Ability to inspire and motivate people with low digital skills.
– Patience to support people who are digital newbies.

Benefits to you :The TechMates project gives volunteers the chance to be part of a cutting-edge digital project and receive bespoke training and support. The program enables volunteers to add something extraordinary and invaluable to their CV, learn new digital skills and take part in exciting learning opportunities. The program also offers the opportunity to help some of the most vulnerable members of our community to get online and feel part of the modern world. Volunteers will experience the reward that comes from inspiring people to realise their digital potential, skills and celebrate ‘light bulb’ moments with the people they support.

Days / Dates / Times Required :Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity

Area of opportunity : Wigan Borough



You will provide one-to-one support over the phone or via video to help people learn basic digital skills, such as:
– Using the internet, email, and everyday apps
– Communicating with friends and family online through social media and video calls
– Staying safe online
– Transacting online – using council and government services and banking / shopping safely
– Creating documents and taking and sharing photos.

Most TechMate sessions run for 1 to 2 hours each week. We encourage you to keep things flexible and arrange calls at times that suit both you and your TechMate learner.

To volunteer you must be aged 15 or over. For under 18s, a parent or guardian will be required to complete a volunteering consent form.

Will there be training?
Yes, full training and support will be provided. This includes:
– Introductory training to cover the basics.
– Tips on how to inspire and motivate your TechMate learners.
– Guidance on how to provide support in a safe way that respects everyone’s privacy.
– Ongoing support from the digital team whenever you need it.
– Please be aware that you will never be asked to access private or sensitive information.


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