Date Listed : 2/9/2020

Specific Skills Required : Good IT skills would be an advantage / empathetic / approachable / ability to write a short case study and to feed back when required.

Benefits to you : Social benefits would include building relationships with carers and working 1-1 with them as well as being part of the Wigan and Leigh Carers Centre team. You will also get benefits from helping others to overcome their fears, lack of confidence, difficulties and unfamiliarity with technology.
Upskilling in using technology and training others to use technology. It will expand your knowledge base within the voluntary sector.

Days / Dates / Times Required : September – December 2020

Area of opportunity : Boroughwide



We are commencing a project to support social isolation and loneliness via technology to enable unpaid carers to interact with family, friends & access training, in addition to being supported by one person to listen to their current difficulties during the Covid- 19 crisis.

This maybe be via an iPad using Zoom or Teams or via telephone.
We require 10 volunteers to assist carers on a 1-1 basis using Ipads and to help them to feel comfortable using the technology and to build their confidence to engage with social media. They will need to undertake tech mate training to support the role and project.

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