social media - Copy

Date Listed : 09/10/2020

Specific Skills Required : Social media, email, Microsoft office, personable and approachable qualities also required!

Benefits to you : The role is very rewarding when you know you have prevented loneliness or helped tackle another social issue such as crime or poverty.

Days / Dates / Times Required :We usually meet every last Tuesday of the month at 7-9pm. Social media work can be done at any time.

Area of opportunity : Shevinton



Support a Community Association 

We are looking for volunteers to help run the community association. We require someone who is familiar with social media and comfortable with representing the CA and promoting our local groups on social media. Some form filling and grant applications etc will also be required.

We communicate the local groups, events and services available in Shevington which will serve a wide range of people — from toddler groups to dementia support. We also convey local issues like transport, developments etc to local people. We like to keep everyone informed and make things happen!


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