Date Listed : 11/1/2020

Specific Skills Required : No previous skills required.

Days / Dates / Times Required : Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays, Sundays 10am – 3pm

Area of opportunity : Haigh Hall



Haigh Hall has been granted permission to remain open during Lockdown 2.0. This will of course be with reduced amenities. Haigh Hall will be operating on minimal staff, although they have staff to cover core times and to manage a small number of visitors, we are wanting to plan and prepare in case the park is busier than expected. Duties will include site support and covid marshalling.


The below needs to be considered:

• The Government permits volunteers to leave their home to attend work.
• Volunteers must not attend work if they or anyone has Covid 19 or symptoms.
• Volunteers must consider their risk of infection. Particularly those volunteers that are at greater risk of infection (over 60 and/or clinically vulnerable).
• Volunteers cannot work for the company that has furloughed them.

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