Date Listed : 23/9/2020

Specific Skills Required : Experience and a knowledge of growing plants and or produce would be helpful but not essential as guidance would be offered by the volunteers.

Benefits to you : Physical and mental well-being, social interaction with a friendly group of volunteers, in the outdoors. (weather permitting!)

Days / Dates / Times Required : Mondays and or Thursdays 10am-3pm

Area of opportunity : Haigh Woodland Park



We are seeking help in maintaining and enhancing the garden. Knowledge of gardening would be useful but not essential.

Tasks range from sowing, potting, harvesting,and weeding to pruning, creating and maintaining garden structures, grass cutting, and digging. The Friends host a few low key events in the Walled Garden with the aim of promoting knowledge of the garden and encouraging participation.
The garden is run similar to a community allotment. A range of produce including plants, vegetables and fruit are grown. Produce is shared by the garden volunteers and surplus is offered to visitors for donations. Funds raised from donations are fed back into the garden to purchase seeds and plants and gardening equipment.

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