Date Listed : 23/9/2020

Specific Skills Required : Experience in a café or any hospitality role is desired. Need to be a friendly, approachable person with social skills. Reliable and trustworthy.

Benefits to you : This is a great stepping stone opportunity for anyone who is looking to go into employment, lots of support and training given along with a reference. Potential to make friendships with local people.

Days / Dates / Times Required : Ongoing

Area of opportunity : Leigh


There are volunteering opportunities available in our food bank, which is based close to Wigan town centre. The Food Bank provides food parcels from donated food for individuals with valid referrals from The Brick Project and those referred from partner agencies.
This role involves: • Putting together food parcels for individuals and families in need. • Assisting with the receipt of goods, sorting and checking dates on donated goods. • Handing out parcels to individuals in need or referring agencies who attend to collect parcels at their appointment time. • Answering the phone. • Ensure that Food Bank is clean and tidy at all times and to actively participate in the cleaning rota and other duties such as monitoring and recording fridge temperatures etc. • Be responsible, as required, for health and safety issues, including safeguarding. • Maintain confidentiality of individuals using the service. • Participate in initial and ongoing training. • Monitor own wellbeing and capacity and draw on The Brick’s support as appropriate. • Be a positive representative of The Brick and the Queens Hall Action on Poverty.

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