Date Listed : 09/10/2020

Specific Skills Required : What kind of person makes a good Be Online Champion?
Anyone who is able to make a commitment, large or small, to help people get online can become a champion. We’re looking for people who:
* have good, basic computer skills
* are confident using the internet
* are enthusiastic about the things the internet can do to make life easier, more enjoyable and save money
* have patience and an eagerness to support people who are new to the internet (showing people that computers aren’t something to be scared of!)

Benefits to you : Wigan Council offer high quality volunteer opportunities.
Ensure you are valued and treated with respect throughout your time volunteering.
Provide ongoing advice, training and support for you and your Volunteer Manager.
Recognise your contribution.
Outline your skills and explore opportunities for development.

Days / Dates / Times Required : Various

Area of opportunity : Wigan Borough



What does a Be Online Champion do?

If you’re confident using computers and the internet, then you’re probably already a Be Online Champion! Are you the person that friends and family come to for help using computers? If so, you could be just the person we’re looking for.

You’ll be helping people to use the internet and do new things. This is a volunteer role, so you can be flexible in when you are available. Based in one of the borough’s libraries you will meet new people and provide valuable assistance. You will also have the opportunity to learn new skills yourself. If you’re looking for work, this is a great way to gain experience.Who will a Be Online Champion help?

You’ll be helping adults of all ages that need assistance to get online and learn more about computers. Around 17% of adults in Wigan Borough have never accessed the internet. Most people you will be helping may not have used a computer before or, if they have, they are likely to still have questions. Some might want to know the basics (turning on a computer and using a mouse), some will have questions about the internet, and some will be looking for assistance with completing forms online and setting up email addresses and registering for, and using, MyAccount and Report IT.

You will also be offered the opportunity to support a number of events within community settings.

Wigan Borough

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