Date Listed : March 2021

Where are the vaccination centres located?

  • Robin Park leisure centre, Wigan
  • St Peter’s Pavilion, Hindley
  • Leigh Sports Village, Leigh
  • Parkside community sports centre, Golborne

[Robin Park and LSV are the bigger sites and can vaccinate up to 1200 patients per day]


When might I be needed?

Robin Park:                         8.30am – 1.30pm and 1.30pm – 7pm

Leigh Sports Village:        8am-1.30pm and 1pm-7pm

Golborne:                            8am-2pm and 2pm-8pm

Hindley:                               8am – 12.00pm, 12 – 4.00pm and 4.00 – 8pm


These are set times, and volunteers would need to be available for the whole shift if possible. Clinics can operate on any day of the week Monday to Sunday and we are responsive to when the vaccine deliveries are known – this can often only be with only one week or less notice. Therefore, dates for volunteering may not be consistent and may be only a few days notice. There may be some occasions where part shifts will be welcomed (sometimes evenings) and so please provide availability.



General Support Marshals at vaccination centres

A range of roles are available for non-clinical support in the mass vaccination centres across the borough. The individual support roles vary slightly but are in essence to support and assist the public in their journey through the vaccination centre.


What are the roles?

You may be on the entrance welcoming patients, checking they have an appointment and sanitising hands. Welcome desk asks patients a set of questions to ensure they are well and COVID-19 free. Various roles are positioned along routes into and out of the centre to guide patients and ensure social distancing is maintained. There are roles that guide and assist patients to the appropriate waiting area and seats whilst waiting for the vaccinations and also those that are on hand in the observation area to ensure patients are feeling ok after their vaccination. Roles are allocated on the day by the clinic manager.


Keeping everyone safe

We aim to keep everyone onsite safe, all the staff, volunteers and patients. Everyone ‘working’ onsite wears a clinical facemask (provided) and there are hand sanitising stations throughout the building. Everyone is asked to maintain 2 metres distance wherever possible. Full induction will be provided onsite and there is a clinic manager available every shift to answer queries or deal with any issues. Staff and volunteers will be expected to undertake lateral flow testing to safeguard themselves, colleagues and their own families. All health and safety legislation and regulation are adhered to and met at all the centres.


What is it really like?

This is a really rewarding volunteer role to undertake. You will be working with a friendly team of staff from across general practice, the Clinical Commissioning Group, the council and with other volunteers. We really do work as one team and need every element for the centre to operate effectively, efficiently and safely. It can be tiring, and you will likely be on your feet for long periods, meeting and speaking with hundreds of patients during your shift.

If you are friendly, approachable and have a can do attitude and then please get in touch

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