Date Listed : 01/12/20

Specific Skills Required : Collectively, we require the following skills and knowledge from our board. However, enthusiasm, motivation and a willingness to ‘make a difference’ are equally important. Financial management, income generation and
• Public policy and public affairs
• National and local voluntary sector
• National and local government and statutory
• Human resource management
• Volunteering management
• Funding foundations
• Collaborative partnerships
• Social investment and impact

Benefits to you: Trustees are highly valued, and will be part of an enthusiastic, passionate group working together to build our charity. We are committed to the development of trustees, and being part of the charity they will acquire new skills and experiences. Being a trustee with TalkFIRST means you will be contributing to helping struggling families reduce conflict, repair relationships and live a happier family life.

Days / Dates / Times Required :6 board meetings per year, plus ad hoc extraordinary meetings

Area of opportunity : Lowton


Become a Trustee of TalkFIRST

We are seeking a Trustee to work as part of the board to ensure TalkFIRST fulfils its duty to its beneficiaries through offering mediation, and family relationship interventions and it that delivers on our vision, mission and values. Also, to support to the Chief Executive in the development and delivery of services to maximise benefit to individuals, families and other beneficiaries taking part in the charity’s work.


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