Starting Up

Here are all of the starting up resources that you will need when considering opening up your new group or organisation.

If you require more help and would like 1:1 support to discuss your ideas please contact us.


Download the PDF’s and use the external links below to gather all the information that you need:

Setting up a new group

Are you looking at setting up a new group?

Download our PDF now


Need some guidance on constitutions?

Download our PDF now

Management Committees

Looking for help on management committees?

Download our PDF now

Planning & holding meetings

Need planning and holdings meetings information?

Download our PDF now

External Links

If you require something that isn’t listed on our downloadable PDF’s for Starting Up, try out come of the external links below:

How to set up
a charity
How to write your charity's governing document
Model governing
How to write charitable purposes
Small charity constitution
How to choose a structure