Share your ‘Good News’

We know that there are lots of great people and groups doing amazing things to support one another in our communities across the borough.

If you would like share you story please tell us what you have been doing and who you have been supporting.


Volunteer Feedback

Quote from one of our valued volunteers

I’ve lived in Wigan for nearly 70 yrs and as I have got older I have appreciated my local community and also how difficult it can be for local government to try and meet the needs of everyone.

I volunteer on an ad hoc basis because I do not want to let people down but also I want the flexibility.

Wigan has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities

I have been involved with delivering food parcels to families during last summer and I have just completed 2 weeks at Fred Longworth High School helping staff with Lateral Flow testing for Covid involving 1200 pupils a week
So impressed with staff and pupil systems and insight and appreciate the challenges Covid brought to all of us

Why did I do it ?

To do “my bit” to get children back in school

To meet and chat with kids who are our future

To feel I am contributing and putting into community and having a better insight into the diverse needs of Wigan

Oh and selfish reasons I love meeting and chatting and making new acquaintances


Organisation Feedback

Quote from Fred Longworth High School 

The volunteers that were signposted to us were an absolute pleasure to have around school.

They fitted in to our Covid testing team perfectly and really seemed to enjoy their time with us too.

Both were willing to get involved in helping our students and they quickly became important members of our team.

From their initial induction right through to their final day with us, the support they provided was invaluable.


Good News Stories

“10 weeks ago small front line food charities stepped up when no one else could.

We worked 7 days a week in the beginning answering messages from early morning until late at night from people who couldn’t get food from supermarkets, we had about 300 messages a day.

We are not always appreciated for what we do but we try our best. We changed everything we did to help as many as we could. Helping some of the most vulnerable in the community. Including people who had coronavirus, putting ourselves on the front line.

There are lots of little groups all over the country who do the same. Moving into week 10 and still going strong with the help of our hero volunteers getting food out to people that need it.”

Community members in Hindley have been putting a timber donation from local family business Connolly Ltd to good use by creating some planters to help spruce up the area at Borsdane precinct.

A big thank you to the local contractor and Eric and members of Hindley Allotment Society for the fantastic effort.

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