Date Listed : 18/02/2021

Specific Skills Required :We provide lots of training, but we are looking for CV who are:
• Friendly and outgoing
• Have an interest in Archives, local history and Museums.
• Have an interest in cataloguing, transcribing and indexing.
• Have good communication skills
• Reliable – with regular attendance, we ask for a commitment of two shifts a month.
• Age 18 or over.
• Are keen to learn and stay informed

Benefits to you :

Our Volunteers enjoy:
• Being surrounded by and involved in Local History
• The opportunity to gain experience working within collection management.
• Having the opportunity to learn new skills
• Access to our comprehensive Volunteer Training program.

We welcome Volunteers of all abilities and needs, please let us know if you do have any additional needs or requirements that we can help to support you with whilst volunteering. Please note that this role is wheelchair accessible

Area of opportunity : Leigh Town Hall

Virtual volunteering available now



Collections Volunteers (CV) help ensure our collections are well organised and catalogued. They contribute to the success of the Archives by assisting staff to ensure our collections are well documented and accessible to everyone.

Following training, our CV will:
• Work with the Archives staff to help document our collections and make them more accessible to researchers and visitors
• Work on indexing, cataloguing, or transcribing the archives and local studies collections
• Help the archives research local history stories and share the Borough’s heritage
• Provide support with admin tasks.

Leigh Town Hall

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